AgileLayer offerings help enterprises realize the benefits of a Business Capabilities-centric approach to strategy formulation and execution – while mitigating attendant transitional risks and complexities. AgileLayer's software, templates, and consulting modules are delivered as customized, rapid-to-deploy packages that complement and extend enterprise competencies. AgileLayer offerings are described in the chart below, and in the subsequent links.

Answers You're Looking For: Business Capabilities Engineering™ methods and tools enable enterprises to answer key questions:

  • What Capabilities are most critical to realizing our Business Goals and Strategies?
  • What is our Capabilities Roadmap and how are we managing it?
  • What are our key Roadmap investments, dependencies and risks?
  • How do we link Capabilities-based Planning with Innovation Factories?
  • Where, how and when should we leverage 3rd party Capabilities?
  • How do we establish and operationalize Capabilities-driven Planning and Business Architecture disciplines?
  • What industry models, tools and best-practices can we leverage?

Proof-of-Concept: AgileLayer provides a Proof-of-Concept (POC) program to enable prospective customers to trial the AgileLayer Business Capabilities Engineering™ software and associated methods and best practices. As part of the POC, AgileLayer provides training, pre-loading of customer data into the AgileLayer tool, a readiness assessment using AgileLayer's Readiness Diagnostic and Maturity Model, and mentoring on planning and implementing a Business Capabilities Engineering™ discipline.

If you are interested in leveraging the POC program or would like more information on AgileLayer offerings, please contact us to receive additional material or to arrange a Web-based conference or on-site visit.