SPICE-2 Value Delivery Framework

AgileLayer's SPICE-2 Value Delivery Framework helps enterprises deliver high-value, high-innovation strategic programs and transformations. SPICE-2 systemically connects, aligns and supports key components and constituencies in the Strategy-to-Innovation-to-Program Delivery/DevOps process. SPICE-2 prescribes and coordinates Value Assurance and Life-cycle Management processes across Strategy, Program Management, Innovation, Business Architecture and Project Delivery/DevOps functions. The Framework incorporates AgileLayer methods, models, tools and best practices and aligns with industry standards and practices such as Agile/SAFe, PMBOK, BABOK, BIZBOK, and the Business Model Canvas.

SPICE-2 drives value and success for key stakeholder groups:

  • Strategy Owners: Strategy Formation considers and optimally leverages the projected company Capability Portfolio and its Innovation platforms & programs. Value Targeting and Management processes are integrated with Strategy Life-cycle Management.
  • Program Owners: Programs are formed, designed and managed according to Value Targeting & Management prescriptions and the Strategic Capability Roadmap.
  • Innovation Teams: Innovation is funded, guided and supported by the company’s Strategic Capability Roadmap. Innovation is optimized and leveraged by a multi-program, cross-enterprise approach.
  • Capability Managers: Capabilities are optimally innovated, funded & leveraged — across functional, divisional and enterprise-level Programs.
  • Execution / Delivery Teams: Program & Project Delivery (and the attendant iteration processes) is systemically aligned with the Capability Portfolio & Roadmap and the enterprise Value Assurance model.

SPICE-2's embedded Value Assurance Framework provides a systemic and optimized approach for:

  • Value Targeting (“Where and how will Value be produced?”)
  • Value Leak Detection (“Where, how and why is Value Realization being impeded?”)
  • Value Assurance Management (“What are the optimal corrective actions required to mitigate Value Leakage?”)

To schedule a briefing on the SPICE-2 Value Delivery Framework and learn how it can help your organization deliver high-value, winning Programs and Transformations, please contact us to arrange a meeting time.