Integrated Business-Technology Design Methodology

AgileLayer’s Integrated Design Methodology supports Planners, Analysts, Architects and Designers in the conception, planning and design of API and (Micro)Service-driven Business Operating Models, Products, Experiences and Solutions - along with the supporting solution & business architectures. The Methodology incorporates AgileLayer methods, best practices, tools, templates, governance models, training and education to enable enterprises to strategically exploit (Micro)Services and the API Economy for maximum business impact.

The Methodology provides enterprises with the following benefits:

  • Better connect Business Planning to Service Planning & Design through a Business Domain & Capabilities-driven approach to Service modeling & planning
  • Fully exploit the strategic advantages presented by Cloud, Microservice Architecture, and Containerization (Agile-DevOps)
  • Drive the effectiveness, consistency and pervasiveness of the Capability and Domain-driven Services approach
  • Create a lingua franca that supports business planning through solution design
  • Improve transparency and collaboration across stakeholder groups
  • Ensure that Services/APIs are utilized as pervasively as possible across the enterprise
  • Ensure that Services/APIs are aligned with Capabilities and Business Architecture and have a level of scope & granularity that fosters parallel delivery and provides appropriate levels of performance, scalability and “smart” re-use
  • Prioritize funding and design of Services/APIs in order to maximize business value, flexibility and “smart” re-use
  • Treat Service/API assets as first-class “products”
  • Achieve an Integrated Portfolio Management Approach, covering: Strategies, Programs, Products, Capabilities and Services/APIs

The diagram below overviews AgileLayer's Integrated Design Methodology.

When to Call Us:

  • You need to build unique, high-impact Digital Capabilities and Value Networks that leverage internal and external APIs & Microservices
  • You need to utilize Microservice/API and Business Architecture approaches to better leverage 3rd Party: Partnerships, Capabilities, and IT-based Assets in order to drive better business outcomes and produce sustainable competitive advantage
  • You need to materially improve the alignment of your Business Planning/Architecture, Service/API Modeling, and Agile-DevOps methods and processes.

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