Domain-driven Framework for API / Service-based Value Networks

AgileLayer’s framework for the Domain-driven Design of API & Service-based Value Networks supports Planners, Analysts and Strategists, as well as Solution, Enterprise and Business Architects, in the conception, planning and design of API and (Micro)Service-driven Value Networks and the related solution & business architectures. The Framework leverages AgileLayer’s methods, best practices, tools & templates to enable enterprises to strategically exploit (Micro)Services and the API Economy for maximum business impact.

The enablement of strategic Value Networks is a key contribution of the Framework.

The Framework supports production of the following deliverables:
  • Identifying & Ideating Value Network Opportunities
  • Value Network Situational Assessment & Gaps/Needs Identification
  • Value Network Design (including Business Capability & API perspectives)
  • Creation of Business Domain Models and associated API/Service Blueprints
  • Business Cases for candidate Value Networks
  • Value Network Blueprints and Roadmaps
  • Value Assurance Models for Operational Value Networks

Framework components include the following:
  • Methodology for API/Microservice Identification, Planning & Definition (see diagram)
  • Meta Model and Metadata content and templates
  • Alignment & Governance Models for integrating Microservice & Business Architectures
  • Methods, Templates and Models for aligning Agile Delivery and DevOps processes with Microservice & Business Capabilities-driven Planning
  • Value Network Modeling, Design and Planning Templates, Methods & Best Practices
  • Templates & Models for Integrated Portfolio Management (of: Capabilities, APIs/Microservices, Systems, Investments and Projects)
  • Education, Training & Mentoring Programs

When to Call Us:
  • You need to build unique, high-impact Digital Capabilities and Value Networks that leverage internal and external APIs & Microservices
  • You need to better leverage 3rd Party Partnerships, Capabilities, and IT-based Assets to drive better business outcomes
  • You need to materially improve the alignment of your Business Architecture and Planning methods with your Agile Delivery & DevOps processes and with your strategic IT functions & programs

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