Business Design Consulting

To focus and accelerate customers' Business Transformation programs, AgileLayer utilizes its Business Capabilities Engineering™ methods to define and evolve roadmaps and innovation blueprints in one or more customer business domains. The roadmap and blueprinting processes include identification and modeling of business drivers, strategies and capabilities and their relationship to business goals, processes, assets, organizations and programs/projects. Modeling outputs provide enterprises the following:

Enterprise or domain-wide business capabilities reference model:

  • Identify early on what capabilities will be required
  • Ideation and innovation around high-impact capabilities and capability systems
  • Better predictability with respect to costs and risks

End-to-End Business Model Mapping:

  • Business Capabilities mapped to Enterprise Goals, Strategies, Assets and Plans
  • Capability Change Management and Dependency/Impact Analyses
  • Shared Enterprise Vocabulary
  • Systematic documentation of Business Domain Expertise and Capability

Reuse and Sourcing Opportunity Identification:

  • Elimination of Capability redundancies
  • Alignment of programs and projects with the Capability reference model and innovation roadmaps

The business modeling activities include training and mentoring of customer staff on modeling, blueprinting and roadmapping processes as well as on AgileLayer Business Capabilities Engineering™ tooling and techniques.