AgileLayer assists organizations in defining and implementing their Capabilities-based Planning and Business Architecture strategies and enablement programs. AgileLayer utilizes its Readiness Diagnostics, Maturity Models, Planning templates, and a series of tailored education, planning and business modeling workshops in order to develop a highly relevant, pragmatic and holistic approach to implementing Business Capabilities-centric Architecture and Plans. If you would like to learn more about our Capability Management Maturity Model or our Business Architecture Readiness Diagnostic, please contact us.

AgileLayer Workshops are tailored, one to three-day sessions for Business and IT managers, business analysts, architects, and planning staff. They provide for rapid level-setting and serve to catalyze enterprise strategy and adoption of enterprise Capabilities-based Planning and Business Architecture programs. The workshops are interactive by design, include business modeling elements, and guide participants towards identifying issues, requirements and opportunities germane to their enterprise – along with action plans to address them. Topics covered typically include the following:

  • Definition and Context for Capabilities-driven Planning and Business Architecture
  • Value Cases for Capabilities-driven Planning and Business Architecture
  • Requirements for operational-izing a Business Architecture program
  • Maturity Model for Business Capabilities Engineering™
  • Enterprise Readiness Assessment
  • Adoption Approaches for Capabilities-driven Planning and Business Architecture
  • Defining and evolving a Business Architecture Meta Model
  • Methodology and tooling for Business Capabilities Engineering™
  • Business Capabilities Modeling Session
  • Integrating Business Capabilities Engineering™ with BPM, SOA and Agile disciplines
  • Business-IT Alignment and Engagement Models and Approaches
  • Governance and Organizational Requirements and Approaches
  • Metrics
  • Technology, Vendor, Solution Landscape
  • Action Planning

please contact us to receive further detail on AgileLayer Workshops.