Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software

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AgileLayer's Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service enables managers, planners, business architects & analysts to ensure that the enterprise Business Capability model and associated roadmaps are optimally aligned with Strategy, Value, Planning and Technology models. It ensures that Business Capabilities and related assets & enablers are appropriately defined and roadmapped in the context of enterprise-wide concerns, and provides for analysis and alignment across planning dimensions.

Value: Business Capabilities Engineering™ enables enterprises to:

  • Align and optimize the linkages between Business Strategy, Value, Capability, Planning and Technology models
  • Accelerate delivery of strategic Capabilities and speed Business Transformation initiatives
  • Improve the precision and ROI of M&A and Business Outsourcing initiatives
  • Connect Executives to operational execution via a highly visible, value-centric Capability Roadmapping mechanism
  • Enhance Business-IT collaboration and alignment through collaborative Capability modeling, innovation and portfolio management
  • Replace spreadsheet and PowerPoint-based approaches with a powerful, visual, browser-based Software-as-a-Service solution

Usage Scenarios:


Solution Distinction: AgileLayer's Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service provides a highly distinctive and compelling solution:

  • Purpose-Built: Purpose-built to support Business Capabilities Engineering™ (designed from the ground up to specifically address capabilities-centric business modeling, planning and management needs)
  • Simple to Access & Use: Enables large numbers of “casual” Business & IT users to visualize and work with the Business Architecture
  • Capabilities centric: Capability Life-cycle Management is a central element of the solution. Supports the modeling and management of multiple Capability configurations and states
  • Roadmap focused: Strong support for integrated, dynamic Roadmapping (purpose-built for flexible, high-value Roadmapping)
  • Portfolio Management: Enables portfolio-level management of Capabilities, Strategies, Goals and Plans (ensures optimal evolution of the Capability portfolio)
  • Methods and Best Practices: Contains substantive methods and best practices (accelerates adoption and eliminates misuse)
  • Governance Model: Includes a robust, pro forma Governance Model (provides a fast-track to a best practices driven Governance Model)
  • Business Services Methodology: Integrated module for Business Services Identification, Specification and Portfolio Planning (provides linkage between Capability modeling and Service-oriented Architecture)
  • Modern Approach: Provides new and improved approaches, methods and technologies (not an extension to, or re-hash of, old technologies, tools and methods)
  • Application Solution vs. a Tool: Provides an application solution (this out-of-the-box solution eliminates delays, costs and missteps associated with tools-based approaches)
  • Easy to Implement: Browser-based Software-as-a-Service solution. Proof-of-Concept Programs (accelerates time-to-value, with nominal complexity and resource requirements)
  • Consulting Enablement: Array of supporting consulting services and enablement I.P., such as Assessments, Mentoring, Modeling, and Governance (maximizes the value of the AgileLayer solution)

Proof-of-Concept: AgileLayer provides a Proof-of-Concept (POC) program to enable prospective customers to trial the AgileLayer Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service and associated methods and best practices. As part of the POC, AgileLayer provides training, a readiness assessment using AgileLayer's Readiness Diagnostic and Maturity Model, pre-loading of customer data into the AgileLayer tool, and recommendations on planning and implementing a Business Capabilities Engineering™ discipline. If you are interested in leveraging the POC program, please complete the POC Request Form.

For more information on the Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service and related methods and services, please register for a white paper, briefing and/or demonstration.