Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software

AgileLayer's Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service enables managers, planners, business architects & analysts to ensure that the enterprise Business Capability model and associated roadmaps are optimally aligned with Strategy, Value, Planning and Technology models. This SaaS solution is designed for the "Organizational Middle" and ensures that Business Capabilities and related assets & enablers are appropriately defined and roadmapped in the context of enterprise-wide concerns, and provides for analysis and alignment across planning dimensions.

Answers You're Looking For: Business Capabilities Engineering™ methods and tools enable enterprises to answer key questions:

  • What Capabilities are most critical to realizing our Business Goals and Strategies?
  • What is our Capabilities Roadmap and how are we managing it?
  • What are our key Roadmap investments, dependencies and risks?
  • How do we link Capabilities-based Planning with Innovation Factories?
  • Where, how and when should we leverage 3rd party Capabilities?
  • How do we establish and operationalize Capabilities-driven Planning and Business Architecture disciplines?
  • What industry models, tools and best-practices can we leverage?

Value: Business Capabilities Engineering™ enables enterprises to:

  • Align and optimize the linkages between Business Strategy, Value, Capability, Planning and Technology models
  • Accelerate delivery of strategic Capabilities and speed Business Transformation initiatives
  • Improve the precision and ROI of M&A and Business Outsourcing initiatives
  • Connect Executives to operational execution via a highly visible, value-centric Capability Roadmapping mechanism
  • Enhance Business-IT collaboration and alignment through collaborative Capability modeling, innovation and portfolio management
  • Replace spreadsheet and PowerPoint-based approaches with a powerful, visual, browser-based Software-as-a-Service solution

Usage Scenarios:


Solution Distinction: AgileLayer's Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service provides a highly distinctive and compelling solution:

  • Purpose-Built: Purpose-built to support Business Capabilities Engineering™ (designed from the ground up to specifically address capabilities-centric business modeling, planning and management needs)
  • Simple to Access & Use: Enables large numbers of “casual” Business & IT users (aka "The Organizational Middle") to visualize and work with the Business Architecture
  • Capabilities centric: Capability Life-cycle Management is a central element of the solution. Supports the modeling and management of multiple Capability configurations and states
  • Roadmap focused: Strong support for integrated, dynamic Roadmapping (purpose-built for flexible, high-value Roadmapping)
  • Portfolio Management: Enables portfolio-level management of Capabilities, Strategies, Goals and Plans (ensures optimal evolution of the Capability portfolio)
  • Methods and Best Practices: Contains substantive methods and best practices (accelerates adoption and eliminates misuse)
  • Governance Model: Includes a robust, pro forma Governance Model (provides a fast-track to a best practices driven Governance Model)
  • Business Services Methodology: Integrated module for Business Services Identification, Specification and Portfolio Planning (provides linkage between Capability modeling and Service-oriented Architecture)
  • Modern Approach: Provides new and improved approaches, methods and technologies (not an extension to, or re-hash of, old technologies, tools and methods)
  • Application Solution vs. a Tool: Provides an application solution (this out-of-the-box solution eliminates delays, costs and missteps associated with tools-based approaches)
  • Easy to Implement: Browser-based Software-as-a-Service solution. Proof-of-Concept Programs (accelerates time-to-value, with nominal complexity and resource requirements)
  • Consulting Enablement: Array of supporting consulting services and enablement I.P., such as Assessments, Mentoring, Modeling, and Governance (maximizes the value of the AgileLayer solution)

Proof-of-Concept: AgileLayer provides a Proof-of-Concept (POC) program to enable prospective customers to trial the AgileLayer Business Capabilities Engineering™ Software-as-a-Service and associated methods and best practices. As part of the POC, AgileLayer provides training, a readiness assessment using AgileLayer's Readiness Diagnostic and Maturity Model, pre-loading of customer data into the AgileLayer tool, and recommendations on planning and implementing a Business Capabilities Engineering™ discipline.

If you are interested in leveraging the POC program or would like more information on AgileLayer offerings, please contact us to receive additional material or to arrange a Web-based conference or on-site visit.