Business Domain/Capability-driven Ideation Workshop Methodology

The AgileLayer Capabilities-driven Ideation Methodology and Tool facilitates the planning and delivery of Business Ideation initiatives. For a Business Domain's identified in-scope (or potential) Capabilities, we ideate using Ideation Domains and Lenses and then rank potential future states (aka "New Ideas") that address known or potential gaps, pain points, needs and opportunities. Required changes to underlying Capability Enablers are then posited in a follow-on activity. The Ideation Workshop engagements deliver and leverage AgileLayer's methodology and supporting tool, as well as produce the following deliverables:

  • For select business domains, we model and ideate Future States and attendant business capabilities in the context of Business Goals, Metrics, Strategies, Value Streams, Organizations, Programs, Projects, Processes and Assets
  • Perform Health and Value analyses of select capabilities using the scoring method and criteria
  • Identify key gaps and requirements for high-impact capabilities
  • Provide training on the AgileLayer Workshop Ideation methodology and tool
  • Furnish modeling and ideation outputs in MS Office and AgileLayer software tool formats
  • Level set Workshop participants and stakeholders regarding the value, role and usage of the Ideation Methodology
  • Produce a strategy and action plan for introducing the Ideation Methodology to various company business areas and teams

BENEFITS: The benefits of the Ideation Workshop Methodology and Tool are as follows:

  • Ensures that when we Ideate our Future States we think widely, deeply, strategically and creatively
  • Improves the quality and depth of alignment and collaboration between Strategic thinkers, planners & leaders and Design / Project teams
  • Serves to connect Ideation work to Business Architecture and Digital/Technology Planning disciplines
  • Creates a bigger and better Funnel of potential Ideas/Future States and ties them into our planning and architecture disciplines
  • Enables many of the company's existing personnel to lead the successful delivery of high-value strategic workshops
  • Supports the scaling of Ideation activity across the enterprise
  • Ensures consistency and the use of best practices
  • Provides an explicit, prescriptive, and easy to grasp & utilize Process/Tool
  • Provides a Process & Tool that is customize-able to fit the needs of individual Ideation efforts

If you are interested in learning more about the Ideation Workshop Methodology and Tool, please contact us to receive additional material or to arrange a Web-based conference or on-site visit.