Business Architecture Value Workshop

AgileLayer's Business Architecture Value Workshop provides enterprises with a highly focused mechanism for driving adoption of high-impact, value-based Business Architecture programs.


  • Education on Business Architecture
  • Creation of an Executive Education presentation
  • Conceptual Model for a Capabilities-driven Architecture and Business Planning Approach
  • Usage Scenarios and Value Proposition for Capabilities-driven Planning
  • Identification of Business Opportunities for applying the Capabilities-driven Planning Approach
  • Value Assessment for Identified Business Opportunities and targeting of Proof-of-Concept candidates
  • Readiness Assessment for the use of a Capabilities-driven Planning Approach (employing AgileLayer's Business Architecture Readiness Diagnostic)
  • Roadmap for adopting a Capabilities-driven Planning Approach (employing AgileLayer's Capability Management Maturity Model)

Usage Scenarios for Capabilities-driven Architecture and Planning:


Workshop Value:

  • Substantially advance the organization’s thinking and planning for exploiting Business Architecture to drive business value and enhance IT’s leadership role
  • Produce an Opportunity Analysis and Roadmap for the use of a Capabilities-driven Planning Approach
  • Gain input and perspective from 3rd party experts

Participants: IT and Business Planning staff and Management stakeholders

Duration: 1-2 days

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