Capability Modeling & Ideation Workshops

The Capability Modeling & Ideation Workshops provide a rapid immersion in the use of AgileLayer's best practices-driven Business Capabilities Engineering™ (BCE™) methodology. The Workshops provide customer stakeholders the following:

  • For select business domains, model and ideate Business Capabilities in the context of Business Goals, Metrics, Strategies, Value Streams, Organizations, Programs, Projects, Processes and Assets
  • Perform Health and Value analyses of select capabilities using the BCE™ scoring method and criteria
  • Identify key gaps and requirements for high-impact capabilities
  • Complete the AgileLayer Capability Business Case template for select high-impact capabilities
  • Provide training on the AgileLayer methodology and software tooling
  • Furnish modeling and ideation outputs in MS Office and AgileLayer software tool formats
  • Level set Workshop participants and stakeholders regarding the value, role and usage of a Capability Innovation & Portfolio Management discipline
  • Produce a strategy and action plan for introducing a Capability Innovation & Portfolio Management discipline


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