Digital Business Platform Design

AgileLayer leverages its Professional Services offerings and Integrated Design Methodology to lead enterprises in the design and evolution of high-impact Digital Business Platforms.

By way of review, a Digital Business Platform provides enteprises with:

  • A repository of business, data & infrastructure components used to create/configure digital offerings & solutions
  • The ability to rapidly build, buy and re-configure its business & technology components and operating models
  • Standardized interfaces and components to drive organizational speed, agility & efficiency

The diagram below provides an overview of how AgileLayer's Integrated Design Methodology supports the build-out of a Digital Business Platform.

AgileLayer's approach to designing a Digital Business Platform addresses the following key considerations:

  • What Components should be part of the Digital Platform? Why? When? Says who?
  • Which Components should be “shared”? Who designs, builds & governs them?
  • How are Components accessed? How do they interoperate?
  • How do we drive Component design & build-out from a Capabilities perspective?
  • How do we design for CX and Business Agility?
  • What is the Digital Platform investment roadmap & sequencing?
  • How do we Source the Platform’s Capabilities / Components?
  • How do we govern and life-cycle manage Platform Capabilities and their implementing Components (i.e., microservices)?
  • How do we organize, up-skill and scale to drive our Digital program?

The benefits of AgileLayer's Digital Business Platform design approach are as follows:

  • Better connect Business Planning to IT Design through a Business Domain & Capabilities-driven approach to Service/API-based component modeling
  • Fully exploit the strategic advantages presented by Cloud, Microservice Architecture, and Containerization (Agile-DevOps)
  • Create a lingua franca that supports business planning through Digital solution design
  • Improve transparency and collaboration across stakeholder groups
  • Ensure that Service/API-based components are utilized as pervasively as possible across the enterprise
  • Ensure that Service/API-based components are aligned with Digital Capabilities and the wider Business Architecture
  • Prioritize funding and design of Service/API-based Digital components in order to maximize business value, flexibility and “smart” re-use
  • Treat Service/API-based components as first-class Digital “products”
  • Achieve an Integrated Digital Portfolio Management Approach, covering: Strategies, Programs, Products, Capabilities and Services/APIs

When to Call Us:

  • You need to accelerate the standardization and componentization of your Digital Capabilities and Offerings
  • You need to build unique, high-impact Digital Offerings, Capabilities and Value Networks that leverage internal and external APIs & Microservices
  • You need to materially improve the integration & alignment of your Business and IT Planning and Architectural processes, including Microservice/API Modeling, and Agile-DevOps approaches.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to receive additional material or to arrange a Web-based conference or on-site visit.