ACORD Capability Model Accelerator

AgileLayer's ACORD Capability Model Accelerator provides insurance carriers with a dynamic, extensible, software-based vessel for the ACORD Business Capability Model. The Capability Model Accelerator packages the ACORD Capability Model with AgileLayer's Business Capabilities Engineering™ software product, and provides insurers with the ability to:

  • Customize, extend and dynamically manage the ACORD capability model
  • Model and manage Business Capabilities in the context of Business Goals, Strategies, Processes, Organizations, Plans, Programs, Projects, Assets, and Success Metrics
  • Connect senior management to operational initiatives via a highly visible, value-centric Capabilities Roadmapping mechanism
  • Replace spreadsheet and PowerPoint-based approaches with a powerful, scalable and secure Rich-Internet-Application
  • Leverage AgileLayer's Proof-of-Concept program and associated best practices & methods

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